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Shanghai Sanqiang has extensive experience as a project manager on complex projects with the overall responsibility or working as part of integrated project teams comprised of clients, subcontractors and design institutes.

Shanghai Sanqiang project managers are highly competent to coordinate successful project implementation using standardized practices, procedures and specifications and cooperate closely with the customer through all phases of the project in order to ensure that the agreed project schedule and milestones are met.

A typical Sanqiang project organization consists of a Process and Mechanical Engineering team, an Electrical and Software Engineering team and an Erection, Installation and Commissioning team. When external contractors are required in the scope of supply, they become part of the project organization, ensuring a smooth integration and control of the sub-supply.
The Project Manager will monitor each step of the project and provide regular reports on its progress. This enables to be abreast of any kind of unforeseen obstacles and/or changes to the scope of supply without affecting the overall project schedule.
Shanghai Sanqiang project manager will follow the project all the way through to final commissioning and ensure that all the User Requirement Specifications (URS) are met through on site acceptance tests.
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