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Our Slogan:
Make every product and project as a work of art!

Our Vision:
Providing engineering solutions that support our customers in granting consumers with high quality products at affordable price.

Our Mission:
Combining design expertise and operational excellence to provide low cost solution for liquid processing plants.

Shanghai Sanqiang pursues lofty goals: To create the leading technology enterprises with same industry. In order to realize the goal,” diligence, pragmatic, High efficiency, innovate” has become our deeply idea.


 From the initial goal of pursuing the product profit, and gradually realize that: for an enterprise’s existence, development, the important thing are required by the society. It is necessary to the survival and development are impossible for an enterprise which has no value to society, To this end, Shanghai Sanqiang clearly put forward its own values: "to create value for shareholders, creating value for customers, creating value for employees, creating value for suppliers ,and rebates society, return to nation.”


 Over the years, the staff has improved codes of conduct and guidelines continuously, the enterprise management has developed toward the scientific and standardization. our staff has made significant changes By culture, education. At present, a large number of Employees have the ability to adapt to the requirements of the modern enterprise management and production of high-quality, and which laid a solid foundation for our enterprise future development.


 “Sanqiang person” create lots of material wealth continually for our enterprise and society through our own ingenuity and hard work. Enterprise infrastructure, production and office environment has changed dramatically. modern high-tech production equipment in production line operation; groups of modern automated office facilities and equipments have assembled to various departments and sections; we communicate with the market pulse beat tighter through high degree network-based platform and information management. modern scientific management idea, the concept of leadership, affect the rapid development of our enterprise ... ...


Up to now, the main management system based on ISO9001 quality system and "6S" management has formed a complete and strict operational system. From the enterprise’s senior leader to the grass-roots groups have specific responsibilities and work standards ... ... there is system may through, there is system must follow, to infiltrate the enterprise management in every corner.


 "Change for progress, innovation for brilliant." Sanqiang achieve their promise through the spirit of tenacity and keep making progress determination. Pursue high-quality, not only on products, but also on enterprise management.

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