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Sanqiang’s objective is to create first-class technical enterprise in fluid engineering field. And to realize this, Sanqiang has taken being diligent, practical, highly-effective and creative been its enterprise spirit.

Since foundation, Sanqiang has developed rapid, made great progress and improvement. With previous focus mainly on profit, Sanqiang has recognized and adopted the new conception that demands of the society is the most essential and basic foundation for an enterprise’s growth and development.

For years, the behavior regulation and policy consciousness of Sanqiang staff has constantly improved, and the management system of Sanqiang has put forwarded to more rational, more regulated and more professional. Through the cultivation and instruction of high working performance for staff, the achievement of Sanqiang has improved tremendously. At present, Sanqiang has a number of brilliant staff with strong adaptation to modern enterprise management and production requirements, and this has laid the foundation for SanQiang’s better tomorrow.

Sanqiang commits to create more wealth for enterprise and the society by using their knowledge and efforts. To create better conditions for staff to better optimize their capabilities, the company also focus on the infrastructure construction, production environment and office environment. Modernized hi-tech production equipments had been put into production line; advanced automation office facilities had been equipped to each department; computer and internet based inner coordination platform together with highly information management system had moved pace by pace with market demands. Moreover, the leaders with modern scientific management conception will lead SanQiang step forward forever.

Presently, ISO9001 quality system and 6S management based management system has made up a complete, and rigorous operation system. And the whole company has got more systemized with clear job requirements and working standards.

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